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Social Media Marketing Introduction


Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a marketing strategy in the digital marketing arena. It aims at reaching out to the targeted segment of  prospective customers via social networks and media like Facebook, Twitter etc. Social Media Marketing is nowadays used widely to create brand awareness and promote various products and services. The reason being the huge presence of people online. With the growth of internet and various social media platforms this online presence also grows with the passage of time. Hence it provides to the marketers a huge potential to reach out to the masses and convey their marketing messages. However, with the presence of large number of ads on social media, people have also started to ignore them. This necessitates the need of a very creative marketing campaign and ads that are capable of catching mass attention.

Social media marketing campaigns usually have the following objectives:

  • Establishing a significant presence on social media platforms.
  • Creating and sharing very engaging content and ads that viewers can also share among themselves.
  • Getting customer feedback and opinions via surveys and contests throughout the campaign.

Social media marketing is quite successful in targeted advertising. It is thus very effective in product promotions and in creating brand awareness. Now explore the tips below for a successful Social Media Marketing journey.



Tip 1:- Listen and listen carefully.

It is important for a marketer in general and a social media marketer in particular to listen carefully to what his client wants. It is important to understand client expectations to deliver the required results. Then only can customer satisfaction be achieved. Thus a social media marketer must be a patient listener than an active speaker in terms of client dealings. He must pay attention to every detail that the client is telling him.



Tip 2:-Focus and be a master.

Social Media Marketing requires a marketer to be very much specialized in the job. It necessitates the need for a marketer to be creative with his ways of presenting a product. One needs to know how to reach various target segments in different locations and at different times. Thus a social media marketer must specialize than being a jack of all trades.

Tip 3:-Quality over quantity.

Social Media Marketing is all about building connections and reaching out to more and more audience. However the audience is not important only in terms of their number i.e. quantity but more importantly their quality is important. By a good quality audience we mean the kind of audience that is active in reading, providing feedback and sharing your content. A few such connections are far better than many such connections which disappear after connecting with you.

Tip 4:-Patience, patience and patience.

Patience is the key to success in Social Media Marketing world. Success does not come overnight here. One has to put in efforts and wait for the results to come. People notice things slowly and then sharing takes place. After the sharing of the content between people increases there is a boom in the results. However this whole process takes some time and hence it is important to be patient.

Tip 5:-Compounding.

Compounding occurs after a series of hard and serious efforts. Compounding refers to the exponential growth of viewers due to multiple sharing by the connections online. It opens new entry points for search engines to find your content. These new entry points open a number of new ways for people to connect with you. However good content writing and creating an engaging atmosphere for the viewer are necessary to grow exponentially.

Tip 6:- Prominent Expert.

Compounding as I said occurs after a series of serious efforts. Finding an apt expert in the field is one among these steps. It implies finding a person who has a good influence in your market. Promoting your content via such an expert proves very successful. However, building a healthy relationship with such an expert is necessary before making him share your content.

Tip 7:-Value addition to conversation.

As already discussed, that creativity is very important in digital marketing. It applies here as well. It is important for a marketer to be creative in adding value to the marketing message that he is going to promote on social media. The ad should not be seen from the angle of promotions only. It should have some value, some quality content to engage the audience.

Tip 8:-Acknowledgement is very important.

A social media marketer must focus on building more and more meaningful relationships. He must acknowledge the presence and comments of the audience. He must not ignore people online.

Tip 9:-Accessibility.

Accessibility is very important in social media marketing. One must not disappear after publishing content and posting it. One must be accessible to the audience as a social media marketer to respond to their queries and have conversations regarding the content.

Tip 10:-Reciprocity ensures survival.

Reciprocity implies the behavior of others in reaction to your behavior towards them. Thus you can’t expect others to share your content without sharing their content. Sharing occurs on a reciprocal basis. Thus it is very important to give some time to sharing the quality content of others.

These are the important tips to master Social Media Marketing online. To explore more about digital marketing click here.


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