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 About Twitter


Twitter is indeed a new way to connect and share your thoughts. However, if you are not familiar with the Twitter phenomenon, here is a brief overview. Twitter is privately funded and is located in the San Francisco, CA area. It was the outcome of its founder’s curiosity. He was interested in knowing what his friends were doing at any given time. Twitter was launched in August of 2006. Twitter’s popularity is due to its simplicity. People are eager to connect with other people and Twitter makes that task easy. Twitter asks one question, “What are you doing?” The answers must be no longer than 140 characters in length. You have the choice to receive a little or a lot of information about your friends. Twitter can be thought of as a cocktail party. You flit from one group and impart the information you received from that group to another group of people.



Reason No. 1: Twitter is a good way to get thousands of genuine followers.

Twitter is more than just about getting the most number of followers. It can be an effective marketing tool. It’s really about gaining a responsive audience. It does matter who reads your tweets. You want people who do have interest in your company or products. You want active followers. These are people who are active users of the technology. They share your links. They provide you feedback. Basically, they talk to you. But make sure they are potential customers as well. It is better to get 10 re-tweets from Influencers in your niche market who have 1,000 to 10,000 relevant followers rather than getting 50 re-tweets from users with 10 to 100 followers who have nothing to do with your business or the products or services you sell. It’s all about quality and not quantity. Make sure you follow good marketing principles when using Twitter just as you would with any other type of marketing communications vehicle.

Reason No. 2: You can actively interact with your followers.

With an e-mail announcement you can only track if someone clicks on your link. However, with Twitter you can generate a responsive group of followers. These followers genuinely like your products. They will click on your links, re-tweet you, or respond to your queries. This responsive group can help you grow your business and direct people to your Website.

You can target two types of Twitter users: people who have the power to help your business grow (Influencers), or people who may be potential customers. It makes sense to work with the people who are Influencers. It takes a lot of time and energy to respond to every Tweet. So, it is much better to network with a core group of Influencers who may have a large audience of their own. Twitter is also a great customer service tool for use with existing customers. Twitter can help you become aware of any customer issues which, in turn, helps prevent any negative comments from becoming viral and, thereby, preventing a public relations nightmare. You can take care of any customer problems immediately before a crisis occurs.


Reason No. 3: You can use your Influencers to help you build relationships and promote your company.

You are really looking for Influencers who will endorse your links. It’s always more credible if you have someone of influence who is recommending your product or Website or Blog. So, don’t just network with end-users of your products. You need to embrace bloggers, webmasters, publishers, journalists, and other business owners in complementary businesses. So, Twitter is really a relationship-building tool. These people can send you links and a lot of traffic.

We’ve all heard about videos on YouTube going “viral” Well, just a few retweets from a responsive audience user and your link will get a great amount of momentum. So, you really don’t need to send your messages to thousands of users. It’s much better to get a more qualified or influential audience viewing your tweets. Once you’ve established that core group, they can help you grow your business by getting more readers. Once this happens, people will naturally start to follow you.  And these people have opted-in because they are interested in your company or your products. That’s the best type of audience to reach.

Many people wonder how they can make money using Twitter. Well, that aspect is not quite there yet. Even the Twitter founders say they are holding off on revenue-generating opportunities for now because they don’t want to distract themselves from creating a compelling service for people around the world. So, don’t be disappointed if you don’t make the millions of dollars you had hoped for. The main reason for amassing followers is to improve the reputation of your company or products and to drive visitor traffic to your Website. Assuming you have a user-friendly Website, you can then get new customers. But make sure your Website is easy to navigate. Direct your visitors to a landing page on the specific topic you are addressing rather than directing them only to your home page.

One way some Twitter users have made money is through the use of coupons. If you are in a retail or other type of industry where you can make special offers to your customers, you can provide a link to a coupon that your customers then download. An ice cream vendor in San Francisco used this technique successfully. He tweeted his location, the flavor of the day, and any special offers. His business became a phenomenon on Twitter.

So, stop obsessing about obtaining a high volume of Twitter activity and look to forming a core group of influential people who can help drive visitor traffic to your Website. You’ll be glad you embraced this new technology.

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